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YLS & Financial Literacy


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On January 19, 2022, the State Bar of Michigan Young Lawyers Section, Ingham County Bar Association, and the Ingham County Bar Association Young Lawyers Section co-hosted a virtual presentation called, “Young Lawyers and Wealth Management.” Presenting was Mr. Gregory Friddell – a wealth management specialist at the Azar Glaser Group of Merrill Lynch in East Lansing. Mr. Friddell discussed the balance between paying off debts and investments depending on interest rates and expected return on investment. He focused on the long-term benefits of remaining in the market and the importance of investing early – even if it is a smaller amount – because of compounding interest. He also discussed student loans and the benefits and detriments of paying student loans off earlier. Finally, there was a discussion of investment mechanisms and the differences between them with regards to tax implications.

Thank you to Mr. Friddell of Merrill Lynch and all of our co-hosting organizations!